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Defective Products Lawyer in Houston, Texas
A defective product is a product that is created, manufactured, marketed, and sold with defects that place a consumer at great risk.  When used, defective products can cause a consumer to sustain permanent, painful injuries that will require immediate, and sometimes ongoing, medical treatment.  This is why all products must be vigilantly tested before they are presented to the general public.  When products are not tested, the safety and well-being of consumers is compromised.

Houston Texas Law Firm has experience representing individuals in product liability claims and have successfully represented injured people in product liability actions against large corporations in a variety of product defects

Designers, manufacturers, and distributors of defective and dangerous products must be held accountable for the injuries inflicted upon their consumers. Our firm is highly adept at uncovering potential liability and investigating the cause of the product failure. Defective products can harm consumers in various aspects of daily life, including at home and at work, including at construction sites.

When Medical Devices are Defective, You Need Protection
Our mission in pursuing product liability cases is to obtain just compensation for our injured clients and to create an economic incentive for those in the stream of commerce to produce safe products and provide sufficient warning of the dangers of their products, ultimately resulting in the saving of lives. Cases involving defective products are usually complex, involving significant time and expense. It is important to discuss your claim with an experienced attorney, so you can decide the best way to proceed


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